WILD TAPESTRY: A Collaboration of Art and Words Week Four

WILD TAPESTRY May 4th to 28th at David Kaye Gallery



Here we are in week four. I just came from the gallery where I saw how beautifully David Kaye has installed the thirteen pieces for WILD TAPESTRY. The show opens tomorrow and many are expected at the Saturday’s reception. I am hoping for good weather so all can visit in comfort. Here is Margi’s final essay about Wild Tapestry: Weaving Wildlife Survival.

It’s not often a writer has the opportunity to collaborate beyond the realm of words. I love words—the thin black scratches on a sea of white paper that communicate so much. They are part of my soul, but I know their effect can be limited by the mood of the reader.
This collaboration between a visual artist and a writer is personally exciting because art and words have merged together to deepen interpretation through a wilderness of colour, texture and narrative.
While sitting at my desk overlooking an Australian landscape of golden fields and grazing kangaroos, accentuated by the warble of magpies calling their young, Susan has been developing her work in the urban landscape of downtown Toronto. Here on the shores of Lake Ontario cardinals, robins and woodpeckers nest in trees and colourful mallards glide on the lake. The species might be different, but we are connected by a shared concern for our planet and our wild kin.
Susan’s artwork has taken the theme of Wild Tapestry and given it beautiful, inspiring, physical form.

Margi Prideaux
May 2017


ECO BALANCE A Glance at Robert Game’s Upcoming Exhibit

Here is a small preview of ECO BALANCE  an exhibit of acrylic paintings by ROBERT GAME at FERNEYHOUGH CONTEMPORARY in North Bay opening this weekend.







Since 2007 Robert Game has been developing series paintings that reflect his concern for and draw our attention to the intersection of our natural and constructed worlds.  Drawing on experiences from his travels throughout rural and urban Ontario, Game uses a range of symbols to convey the precarious balance between ecology and culture. In the paintings “forests,” “rock walls” and “land” serve as counterpoints to “architectural elements” and “planning devices.”

Most recently, two new series of paintings have emerged: eco platform, a raised level surface to view the base and structure and eco analytic, the branch of logic dealing with analysis. Selected works from the new series make up eco balance. The exhibition runs from March 4 – 29.

Robert Game holds a BFA from the University of Alberta. He has exhibited nationally and internationally since 1975. Robert’s work can be found in many public and corporate collections.

RECEPTION: Saturday, March 4, 2017, 2 – 4 pm.  The artist will be present.  We hope you’ll join us.

157 First Ave.E, North Bay, ON P1B 1J7      T 705 476 1534