WILD TAPESTRY: Collaboration of Art and Words Week Three

WILD TAPESTRY May 4th to 28th at David Kaye Gallery



Here is Margi’s third essay concerning the future Wild Tapestry:Weaving Wildlife Survival.

As I got rather wordy last week I will not comment and  let you read Margi and add more work for the show. Week three is almost over but I have been busy finishing … apologies for lateness !!

There are few relationships so closely bonded as that of human and Rangifer tarandus—caribou or reindeer. These magnificent species are native to arctic, subarctic, tundra, boreal, and mountainous regions of northern Europe, Siberia, and North America.
As summer approaches, many caribou herds of North America head north in one of the world’s great large-animal migrations. They may travel six hundred miles, or more, along ancient annual routes to a journeys end of summer feeding on the abundant tundra. When the first snow falls each year, they turn south again and complete their migration to spend the winter in more sheltered climes.
Cloistered in our cities and towns we are disconnected from the venerable bond that remains tangible and real for communities across the northern reaches of the world. Massive herds of these gentle animals have provided food, shelter, transport and a harbinger of seasonal change for generations of Saami, Nenets, Khants, Evenks, Yukaghirs, Chukchi, and Koryaks in Eurasia, First Nations of Canada, and Kalaallit of Greenland.
These peoples have followed, observed and hunted the caribou and reindeer for millennia.  Caribou and reindeer are the source of inspiration, hope and belief for many still. And, in the past two or three generations they have witnessed massive changes as caribou and reindeer territories fragment and shrink in the face of industrial human growth.
The modern world has ignored the wealth of knowledge that local peoples hold about caribou, reindeer and thousands of other species across the world. It is time for their ancient, wise stories to be core to the wild tapestry of future decisions.



Let me introduce Dr. Margi Prideaux who has been working in the field of wildlife conservation and governance law for many years. An independent academic, negotiator and writer, she is a experienced advocate for the protection of wildlife.  Margi is my niece with whom I recently reconnected online whereby I began reading about her work. I have been deeply impressed with Margi’s academic depth driven by genuine passion for wildlife survival while understanding the harsh realities of international politics.

“BIRD SONG AFTER THE STORM: Giving Power to Communities to Speak for Wildlife in International Environmental Governance” is but one example of Margi’s writing articulating her vision. Here is her website where you may learn more and see for yourself.


Margi asked me to do a book cover for an upcoming book “Wild Tapestry: Weaving Wildlife Survival” about the same time I was invited to prepare an art exhibit at the David Kaye Gallery for May 2017. It seemed to me that “Wild Tapestry” held lots of potential for me as a visual artist. Margi happily surprised agreed to my suggestion of using her ideas to drive imagery for an art exhibit. It has been an exciting and challenging few months developing this new work.


I am still working and have yet to photograph everything but give you now the first of the series “Wild Tapestry Triptych”.

As the opening of “Wild Tapestry” approaches I intend to bring you more posts about the new work and the relation to Margi’s writing.

ECO BALANCE – Gallery views of exhibit


Robert and I had arrived the day before with the paintings. We unpacked them to help Joan start arranging them in the gallery.  Having had a good visit  it was soon time to leave and let Joan finish installing which she does so well. Saturday we arrived to see how great everything looked and hopful that visitors would not be deterred by the minus 24 degree weather. They were not. I took photos in between conversations with new and old acquaintances and friends. Here are a few more pictures from the exhibit. The cold has lifted so drop by if you are in the area. Ferneyhough Contemporary is usually open Tuesdays to Saturdays 11am to 5pm or by appointment.

157 First Ave. E., North Bay, ON P1B 1J7   705-476-1534


ECO BALANCE A Glance at Robert Game’s Upcoming Exhibit

Here is a small preview of ECO BALANCE  an exhibit of acrylic paintings by ROBERT GAME at FERNEYHOUGH CONTEMPORARY in North Bay opening this weekend.




BUILD THE IMAGE WITH PROCESS   NOV 12th at the Japanese Paper Place

Eleven very focused artists and myself spent Saturday in heaven working on image making techniques using washi. The workshop was held in the ware house area of JPP where we were surrounded by all kinds of hand made Japanese paper. Thanks to the Japanese Paper Place for providing beautiful samples for us to use: Uwa Senka Long, Tosa Usushi, and Gampi Silk Tissue.

Here is a link to further workshops at JPP.



The day was a little overcast and threatened to rain but visitors were undeterred. Joan’s tasty hors d’oeuvres and the fireplace going allowed everyone to forget the weather, have a good look around and chat. I had a chance to meet old friends and acquaintances one of whom I had not seen for years. I was peppered with questions and happy to answer such a receptive audience ! Below are photos giving a sense of the gallery so graceful and inviting, thanks to Joan.

The exhibit is open to November 16th. Gallery hours are Tues to Sat., 11 to 5pm or by appt.


Email:jferneyhough@onlink.net     Ph: 705-476-1534

See the works in the show on page  “Artworks in “Image Landings”, Ferneyhough Contemporary, Oct 15 to Nov 16″.

“IMAGE LANDINGS” at Ferneyhough Contemporary,North Bay, Oct 15 -Nov 16

Hello All:

Well I am down to the final few days before my show and looking forward to the drive north: to see the fall colours on the way and spend a weekend in North Bay on the shores of Lake Nipissing. A word from Joan Ferneyhough the gallery director:

Ferneyhough Contemporary is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Susan Farquhar entitled Image Landings.
Inspired by the dynamic organic environment of the Boreal Zone of Northern Ontario, Farquhar builds her images through layers of prints, drawings, texture and collage. Her visual imagery reflects her response to the changing nature of Canadian identity.  Among the new works will be a large format (44″ x 77″) triptych consisting of two layers, a background of three black Stonehenge papercuts and the foreground three white washi papercuts.
Originally from North Bay, Farquhar began working as a visual artist and professional printmaker for artists in the 1980’s.  She and her partner, Robert Game worked in two printmaking studios prior to establishing their own studio, Atelier GF in 1991 in downtown Toronto. They printed fine art prints in etching, silkscreen and relief until 2014.
Farquhar now devotes her time and skills to her own art practice.
A reception for the opening of this exhibition will take place Saturday, October 15 from 2 – 4 pm. The artist will be present. We hope you’ll join us.

If you may be in the area see:

https://.www.ferneyhough.com      705.476.1534