The Canadian Imaging series started early in 2014 as I prepared for the Riverdale Art Walk  in June, my first outdoor art fair. These 12″ x 12″ panels allowed me to work through ideas  quickly and to prepare more work for the fair.

Showing a group of works of differing scale and greater number than I had done before gave me feedback I had not expected. I learned that people saw plenty of what I  had done in each piece and that developing  different subjects within my process as I had done in these panels was something I should continue.

I have described my process and techniques in my first blog November 13th so I won’t repeat that here. Nonetheless I have seen changes in my process/techniques as a result of this series and the fair experience. Talking to people about my work has initiated thinking about new subjects, changing my approach to those already in focus and renewed interest in being open to new influences. I have been working on larger panels too and the changes continue.

The Riverdale Art Walk was a lot of fun: meeting people in such a comfortable and informal situation was just great. Those visiting my booth could ask questions and respond to my answers.  I learned a lot through this experience; there are many out there who know plenty about art and engage with it quite seriously. I was impressed and hope to do this fair again.

That said I have put all the Canadian Imaging Series here for you to see.  I will be continuing the series and will add them as I go.


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