As you would have seen in previous posts I participated in the Riverdale Art Walk again this year. The fair expanded to over 170 artists up from 130  last year. The Riverdale Artist Network organizers did a great job in every way: promotion, booth layout, information distribution, assistance to the artists, food vendors and so on.  There was a huge public response this being one of the first weekends of summer and the sun was shining.

I am continuing my Canadian Imaging Series so developed 11 more 12″ x 12″ mixed media panels for this year. They are in a separate page for more convenient viewing  hopefully.

I found myself drawn to a group of photos taken on the New York subway. I thought they could have been taken here in Toronto on the TTC. I am a TTC user so these images touched me as very familiar and humane. Children in sport is another subject that resonates for me: sport is so important to growing individual human beings. Academics and other professionals have explained this very well so no need to elaborate here.

I am enjoying this working on this series …more to come …will be in touch,






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