WASHI WEDNESDAY JANUARY 27th at The JAPANESE PAPER PLACE, 77 Brock Street, Toronto www.japanesepaperplace.com

Yesterday I participated in Washi Wednesday when JPP invites the public to their show room to view their huge selection of hand made Japanese papers, shop and mingle with like minded enthusiasts throughout the day. I presented samples of my work, a slide show and demonstrated different ways that I use washi. I also demonstrated my new toy the KNK Zing cutter. As I do a lot of paper cutting I have acquired this machine to create multiples of some of my designs that are less easy to cut by hand. With the help of the an online group of Zing users http://forum.make-the-cut.com I have been learning how to cut the washi on it as you can see below. My thanks goes out to this forum. There are many more hand made Japanese papers to test but it will be fun. I look forward to what this new “skill” will enable me to do.

Washi Wed1wpWashi Wed7wp  Washi Wed3wp Washi Wed5wp Washi Wed6wp







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