What a great events this was !  I was duly impressed with the installation done by the Museum and Gallery students assigned to my show. They were all there to greet me as well so I had a chance to meet  and thank them. Here are just a few photos of the event and installation. I have quite a few more photos and comments to prepare but here is a quick look-see for now. I hope that those who do visit will enjoy.


LANDMADE Exhibit coming Oct 15 at Georgian College, Barrie ON

Spruce Drawing Background for Paper Cut

Spruce Drawing Background for Paper Cut

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LANDMADE   SUSAN FARQUHAR Exhibit at Georgian College October 15 to November 8

Yes I have already announced this in a recent post but would like to update a little.

Yesterday Gary Evans the Fine Arts Coordinator at Georgian College picked up my work for the show – some 50 pieces including the one featured here.

This is a paper cut on  3 sheets of Kizuki Koso white paper each being 25″ x 39.5″ for a total of 75″ across. This will hang in front of a b/w digital print of a drawing of spruce needles. This piece has just been completed so I have not seen it assembled yet but will be getting pictures in due course. Next week a group of students in the Museum and Gallery Studies program will install the show. The gallery has over 150 running feet of exhibit wall space so it will be very exciting to see their interpretation. I have asked for photos to be taken of the installation in progress and will put them up here asap. For now I have prepared some shots of the paper cut piece: they are of me gluing one panel of the paper cut to a transparent support as well as one of the background and the three piece paper composite. No title yet but here again I am combining narrative images randomly and setting them in a visual representation of the landscape or environment. The b/w spruce drawing is a dark rough background grounded against the wall. The paper cut floats in front of it just like our stories and ideas float in our minds as we live in this the northern landscape.

Anyway that’s my description for now. Next week I will actually see this work up and live as they say… let you know how it works out,

Susan Farquhar