Final Days before Riverdale Art Walk

Final Days before the Riverdale Art Walk

I am still working but here is some handy info for visitors as well as the artists ( so we know where we are supposed to be and you can find whomever of us you want to see ! )

1. Map of Jimmie Simpson Park

2. Artist Booth Layout in the park

There will also be guide magazines available at the Artists’ Network Info Desk ( see on the Booth Layout )

see you soon, Susan

Jimmie Simpson Park MAP






One thought on “Final Days before Riverdale Art Walk

  1. Hi Susan, thank you for your invite to LinkedIn…actually rather flattered you asked! I’ve read a little bit about LinkedIn, though I’m still not sure how it all works…so I’ll graciously decline your kind invitation.
    I am really enjoying blogging – for want of a more pleasant sounding word. Though, it’s difficult sometimes with my busy (though a nice kind of busy) home and family life, to do my art and writing – and then find time to blog about it! Anyway, it’s all good fun. 🙂 Hope you have a lovely creative day. All the best, Janette.


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