Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund lets kids go to camp this summer

Heard of this: “The Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund is a children’s charity that provides grants to camp organizations to subsidize fees for underprivileged and special needs children from the Toronto area each summer. Help us reach our goal of $650,000 to continue supporting more than 100 different day and residential camps.”

Here is my idea: anyone of you who would be interested in donating to this charity and likes my work, you could do the following:
Go to and clik on the Canadian Imaging Series pages – there are two.
If you like any one of these 12″x12″ mixed media panels, please donate $150.00 to the TS Fresh Air Fund and the panel you like is yours. All you need to do is send me confirmation of your donation. We can work out how to get it to you.

Let me know what you think of my offer. I had great experiences as a kid going to camp as I am sure you may have too. I think it is a worthy endeavour.

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Final Days before Riverdale Art Walk

Final Days before the Riverdale Art Walk

I am still working but here is some handy info for visitors as well as the artists ( so we know where we are supposed to be and you can find whomever of us you want to see ! )

1. Map of Jimmie Simpson Park

2. Artist Booth Layout in the park

There will also be guide magazines available at the Artists’ Network Info Desk ( see on the Booth Layout )

see you soon, Susan

Jimmie Simpson Park MAP







I am still working on 12″x12″ panels for the fair so have not had much opportunity to photograph anything. Nonetheless here are a few photos that will give you some idea of what you will see in my booth  next weekend.

see you there,