at DAVID KAYE GALLERY   APRIL 2-26th, 2015

meet the artist: Saturday, April 11, 2:00 to 4:00 pm

This exhibit will be my first opportunity to see a selection of the Landmade Monoprints together with the unique mixed media panels that followed them. I have had this exhibit in mind for a while so I am looking forward to it. My attempt to have the “environment” become an almost animate player and the focus images within become symbols working with and against it has lead me down this path. I am hoping the weather will be truly spring-like by April 11th and thus encourage one and all to come out for a visit. I would like to hear what visitors think of the work.

David has the show featured on the gallery website and for a look please see ” Susan Farquhar” in the Artists list. Also many of the pieces are on my page called ” The Artist Project Feb 19-22, Preview of Work”.  I also have a “Landmade Monoprints” page. For a complete look at the Landmade Monoprints you can go to and check out my catalogue there:

As always I am interested in your comments,

Susan Farquhar






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