Note 2: Dogteam from Weenusk, Dogsled Loaded, Moses’ Winter Camp

The Artist Project is just around the corner. I have been working on art more than blogging but shall try to amend that.

Here are three more pieces using paintings worked up from more of John Macfie’s photos. I talked about John Macfie previously in “Note 1”. While there are many who would not chose such photos as subjects for painting, I think these photos show that his experience was unusual and special to him. They candidly depict ordinary daily activities of the local Ojibway, Cree and Oji-cree peoples in the 1950’s, one stage of their rapidly changing lifestyle. John lived these moments and as time passes I guess the photos gain more meaning or seem to have done so to me. What is that meaning ? When I first saw these photos something about them grabbed me …let me not repeat myself here. But I will say that rather than making the environment first then the focus image or symbol for it, I am developing both in tandem so to speak. When one really studies a photo such as these for example the more you look the more you see. Or so I think anyway.

So here they are : all are 16″x16″ mixed media canvas panels

1. Dogteam from Weenusk

Dogteam from Weenusk

2. Dogsled Loaded

Dog Sled Loaded

3. Moses’ Winter Camp

Moses' Winter Camp


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