Hello out there !

The Artist Project Art Fair is coming soon. I thought I would share some thoughts and a few previews of my work while I continue to prepare. Closer to the event I will make a page of all work to be shown at my booth.


FROZEN   3’x3′ mixed media panel

As said before I create the “environment” of the piece first then let myself “find” what will fit within that space. I have found great material for both these purposes by roaming online through public websites. I like looking for old photos of whatever but have recently gravitated to those of life in Northern Ontario. In particular I have been studying a group of photos taken by John Macfie of Parry Sound who worked for the Ontario Department of Lands and Forests in the most northerly part of Ontario the Patricia District in the 1950’s. I have also read his personal diary of his experiences working as a trapline manager with the native populations throughout the area. It is hard to describe why but his account has made a strong impression therefore I contacted John. He has graciously given me permission to draw from his photos. He has also been very helpful answering my questions. I send him jpgs of the work as I go to see what he thinks – he offers praise but makes no specific comment thereby leaving me free to follow my own direction. The relationship is special – informing my process in new ways I have yet to really articulate.


NORTH RIVER  3’x3′ mixed media panel

In this case the photo is much older 1905 taken by Charles Macnamara. The Macnamara photos are a little more mysterious as they are after all more than 100 years old. As with John Macfie’s photos it is the graphical look of them that has attracted me. The photos have changed with age and thus have an interface that obscures perhaps much of what they once were. In drawing from them however it seemed that I was in touch a little with their story.

North River

Finally here is my invitation to the fair – I welcome your visit if possible and your comments too as always.

TAP Invitation front TAP floor plan


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