TYPE IMAGE for TAP Artist Competition


The Type Artist Competition is a popular feature of the TAP art fair. This year’s theme “TYPE” gives everyone an opportunity to do a piece outside their current art practice and join in a group show inside the whole art fair exhibit. It consequently provides the viewers another perspective on the artists they are seeing the fair: all the artists are giving their unique thoughts on a common theme. The tone is light hearted and enjoyable.

Type may seem to be a quaint old thing but really still informs our lives ubiquitously. Take computer code for a website: it is a series of letters, numbers and other symbols. I am not a web designer by any measure but have stumbled on the code version of enough websites and pages to learn that such code underlies all that we see on the internet. Type then is everywhere.

Such is my “blurb” for my submission that you see above.

“TYPE IMAGE” is a paper-cut and digital print on paper, framed, 13″x 13″

Of course there is also a panel of jurors who will be handing out cash prizes !! Who knows, I might get lucky !!!

The fair is literally thirty days away…. of course I am busy with it but shall be on here again in a few days,



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